What is The teen artist guild?

The Teen Artist Guild (TAG) provides skills training and hands-on education to creative teens looking to harness their artistic potential in an innovative business environment.  The TAG program is housed in The Hive and has access to all of the studio facilities including a graphic design lab, ceramics studio, painting studio, spray facility and screen-printing studio. Students learn both creative and business skills outside of a classroom enviroment. They deal with real clients, deadlines, and budgets and make real profits off of their work.

TAG Student Workers provide services to local businesses and community groups while selling their own artistic works and creative products. TAG members also benefit from the opportunity to work with mentors in their chosen medium.  As part of TAG, students are paid  hourly for projects for clients, learn from great artists and are given an outlet to sell their work.

Our Mission:

To build continuous support for creative youth through hands on education and skills training, while empowering them through the creative arts.